Our Story

 We are healthy enthusiasts that love to travel. We are fascinated with all the new and exciting ways of healthy living.  Our inspiration comes from the nature around us and new ways of alternative cooking from around the world. 
We want to show people that the world is huge and full
of amazing taste and to share our knowledge with them
so they can enjoy it like we do. The world is open for everyone,pay a visit to Daily Pot and get a pick on how
it looks like, and find a taste that you have never tried before. Something new and exciting. While still enjoying
our traditional meals inspired by Norwegian culture, fjords and nature.

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We bring you fermented ingredients, herbs and super foods from around the world that we are going to combine
with traditional tastes from Norway.
We use only homemade recipes and organic ingredients. 

In our meals, you will find seasonal vegetables from local farms with a twist of modern infused kitchen. 

Everything GMO free and organic. 

Every week we change our soups for you to be able to get to experience the world. From traditional Norwegian soups throw middle east, Asian and finishing up in South America. 

On our shelves you gonna find various unheard of products like fermented vegetables, kombucha or crazy healthy green tea matcha. 



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